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Accompanied virtual viewings help you buy or sell a home faster, smarter, and with less stress

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What is GotoView?

Accompanied virtual viewings will give everyone involved with buying, selling or letting houses a far better experience. A convenient way to conduct virtual first viewings via an immersive walkthrough of a 3D property scan, meaning only those seriously interested will go on to visit in person.

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How does it work?

Your GotoView enabled estate agent will use a professional photographer to take a 3D scan of your property and will then present virtual viewings to potential buyers via video conferencing technology. Buyers, sellers and tenants will enjoy saving time, hassle and  a whole lot of inconvenience. 


The technology

GotoView works in conjunction with Matterport’s 3D scans that offer a fully immersive walk through. Matterport’s 3D scans can create a digital twin of any built environment. Navigate a property at your own pace, while asking your agent questions - then get a link to revisit at any time.



GotoView has numerous benefits for sellers, buyers and tenants.


Quick set-up

Your property photographer can take a scan at the same time they take photographs and draw the floorplan. Virtual viewings can start immediately.

More first viewings

Agents can fit in more first viewings more quickly when done virtually and present your home to buyers that don’t live nearby.

High-quality 3D scans

High-quality 3D scans help buyers home in on all the details and a 3D dolls house gives an overview of the layout.

View properties quickly

Your agent can book in a viewing as soon as buyers have registered interest and even show several properties in one sitting.

No viewing preparation

Relax knowing that you don’t have to spend every evening and weekend tidying up in preparation for viewings.

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Agent led virtual viewing

Buyers can ask an agent questions as they walk through the property and afterwards will get a link to revisit at any time.

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How GotoView helps sellers

If you have a 3D scan done of your property, it will massively reduce the time you have to spend tidying up and preparing for viewings. Recent research shows that it takes on average 19 viewings to get under offer – and if you have to spend at least an hour every time cleaning up – that’s a lot of time you’ll claim back for yourself!

Use GotoView to sell your house

Your property will be seen far more quickly, by a wider range of people if they don’t have to wait for weekends or travel long distances. On average, properties being marketed with GotoView, get under offer more quickly, and even better, can achieve a higher asking price thanks to increased levels of demand.

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Why use GotoView to sell your property ?

Seller video

What sellers using GotoView say

“When our agent talked to us about virtual viewings and showed us a 3D Matterport scan, we were really impressed with how clearly you could see everything and get a feel for a place. We decided to go for it and were amazed at how quickly we got an offer. The agent did around 10 virtual viewings in the first week and then we just had 3 people visit before we got a decent offer in.”

Richard Greyling, Godalming

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How GotoView helps buyers


Buyer benefits

Buyers can view properties they are interested in immediately without having to wait for a convenient evening or weekend. View from the comfort of your sofa or even schedule them for your lunch hour. Several people can log in from different locations, no need to be in the same building or even the same country. 


Buyers can quickly draw up a shortlist, save all the time, petrol and carbon emissions wasted on travelling to viewings that go nowhere. 

Buyer video

"We only looked at properties that offered a virtual viewing"

“We were delighted when we found out that virtual viewings were available for some of the properties we were interested in. My husband and I both work full time and have young kids so there just wasn’t time to travel to loads of appointments. In the end we only looked at ones that offered a virtual viewing and luckily one of them turned out to be our dream home.”

Sarah White, York

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Tenant video

How GotoView will help you rent a property 

GotoView offers a great way to view properties from a distance, ideal if you are relocating or don’t want to spend all your spare time travelling from property to property. You can get over problems with tenant access where 24 hours notice has to be given prior to an appointment.  

The high resolution of the scans can give you the confidence to sign a contract without having to actually view a property in person.

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Why choose GotoView?

When you’re putting your home on the market, you’ll discover that there are many different kinds of virtual viewings, but many of them involve an agent walking around with a mobile or a shaky amateur video.

GotoView is the only option that marries the quality of a Matterport 3D scan with video call technology and most closely replicates the physical viewing experience. Buyers will love the fully immersive walk-through, being able to ask an agent questions, and getting a link to the scan at the end so they can revisit at any time.’

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